ICED 2016 Mock Presentation and Raya Celebration

On 28th of July 2016, ENAC had arranged a mock presentation to all the presenters whose will present their accepted paper at The 3rd International Conference on Electronics Designs at Phuket, Thailand on 11-12 August 2016. The theme for this year’s conference is Electronics and Computer Applications for Internet of Things.

The presentation was started at 830am with presentation from Liedri Hicham and Youssef Moutaoakel. Both are them are students from France whose doing their internship at ENAC. The list of the presenters were as follows:

  1. Liedri Hicham
  2. Youssef Moutaoakel
  3. Nur Amirah Amni Ahmad
  4. Nuraminah Ramli
  5. Ng Hui Qun
  6. Wan Aida Nadia Wan Abduallah
  7. Amy Azura Mohammad Saufe
  8. Nur Waheeda Basharudin
  9. Nur Baya Mohd Hashim
  10. Mukrimah Nawir
  11. Ng Yen Phing
  12. Ismayahati Adam.

Thanks to the ENAC Principles Researchers, Dr. Nazri, Dr. Fazira, Dr. Phak Len, Mr. Elshaikh and invited panels Dr. Rozmie, Dr Junita and Dr. Syed Zulkarnain bin Syed Idrus whose willing to spend their time to listen, questioned, and comments to the works done by the students.

Afterwards, we had our small ENAC Raya Celebration with contribution made by the students and staffs with potluck style.

We wish all of you best of luck at ICED 2016.