ENAC Donut Sharing #5

Date : 7 January 2016
Time : 10.00 am – 12.30 pm
Location : Siantan Seminar Room
Chairperson : Dr. Ku Nurul Fazira Ku Azir
Minute Taker : Ng Hui Qun

Invited speaker
Prof Dr. R Badlishah Ahmad
Invited lecturers and postgraduate students
– To get to know about how to write methodology of a research
Meeting briefing:
– Opening speech by Dr. Fazira
• Welcome to all attendees and emphasis on the significance of methodology
– Presentation entitled “Writing Chapter 3: Methodology” by Prof Dr. R Badlishah Ahmad, which included:
• Techniques of describing proposed method/design/algorithms
• Description of modeling & experimental setup
• How to collect data/obtain result of research
• Parameters used for simulation & performance evaluation
– Closing speech by Dr. Fazira & Dr. Nazri
– Lunch together at Siantan Seminar Room

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