Donut Sharing Session (2016)

What is Donut Sharing?

Donut Sharing is an informal meeting conducted among all ENAC members including lecturers and students. Usually in the meeting, there is sharing session between members, from presenting their work/thesis or experience sharing.

This meeting usually conducted at Thursday, every 2-3 week, from 4 pm onwards. The best part of this meeting is donut and tea served to everyone.

There are five sessions has been organized by ENAC, which is:

  1. 1st Session of ENAC Donut Sharing
  2. 2nd Session of ENAC Donut Sharing
  3. 3rd Session of ENAC Donut Sharing
  4. 4th Session of ENAC Donut Sharing
  5. 5th Session of ENAC Donut Sharing: 7 January 2016. For this session, there are research seminar organized by ENAC.