Dean Message


Assalamualaikum and Greeting to all.

 I am so happy and proud that we have decided to come out with one research theme that combines all research expertise/areas which relevant to our school. It took more than 2 years to finally decide on ENAC considering our existing strength and expertise.

ENAC will help SCCE lecturers and researchers in this school to work together, think of great research idea and synchronize the idea to produce a useful and quality research outputs, either in product commercialization or high impact publications.

ENAC consists of specific research area which the school expected all researcher and lecturer to be involved and excel.  The knowledge and expertise shared through ENAC are hope to be incorporated during teaching and learning process so that it will benefit our graduate students and knowledge gained is relevant to the industries and research community.

At SCCE, we wish to excel in teaching and research activities within not only our field but also in multi-disciplinary research areas. Therefore, the collaboration between staffs and students area very much encourage to produce high quality of research output. We can’t excel by working alone and we need to collaborate with other researchers in the different field. These days, research has become multidisciplinary in nature and working together help to produce good research outputs.

To all our graduate student, please ensure your time here is fully utilize to study hard and smart in order to graduate within the stipulated time or earlier if possible. We at SCCE always put our priority to you and please do not hesitate to discuss any issues with SCCE Exco members. With this, I hope ENAC will become a source of inspiration for all to excel in research.

Salam and Regards.