ENAC Donut Sharing #1

Date : 15 October 2015
Time : 4.15 pm – 5.00 pm
Location : ENAC SCCE UniMAP
Chairperson : Dr. Ku Nurul Fazira Ku Azir
Minute Taker : Ruth Lock Mei Xiu


Attendees (Lecturers)
Dr. Nazri, Dr. Phaklen, Dr. Naimah, Dr. Fazira, Mr. Elshaikh, Mdm. Baya, Mdm Isma

Attendees (Postgraduate and Undergraduate)
Aida Nadia, Fahad, Farah Wahida, Firhan, Hui Qun, Mohammed, Mukrimah, Nur Waheeda Ruth, Siti Asilah, Yen Phing

Attendees (From other universities)
Maulidin (Postgraduate UUM), Mdm Rafiza (Lecturer UiTM Arau), Hafiz (Undergraduate UiTM Arau), Ezzamel (Undergraduate UiTM Arau)

– To improve the communication among ENAC members
– To provide opening question session for ENAC members

Meeting briefing:
– Ice-breaking session with ENAC members and briefly explained their research works
– Briefing on the facilities in ENAC
– Give ideas about what need to add on in ENAC
– 3 volunteers to present about their research on the next meeting

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